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ChuteMax Wireless Truck Chute Opener


Make filling your air drill safe and easy by controlling your grain truck chute and hoist with a ChuteMax wireless system. The 300’ transmitting range allows the operator to stand safely away from the grain auger as well as out of the dust.

ChuteMax is not available through our online store. To get pricing, information or to order your ChuteMax product today, please contact us.


We are an official Canadian distributor of ChuteMax products.



  • Wireless FM Transmitter with 300′ Range
  • Magnet Mount Receiver Box with Easy Push Buttons
  • Powerful 12vDC Linear Actuator
  • Easy Install with “Plug and Play Wiring”
  • Complete Mounting Hardware and Instruction Guide
  • One-year warranty
  • Remote Air Hoist can also be integrated into this system. 



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