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Prairie Grain Analyzers MA-405 Moisture Analyzer


Built in scale, thermometer, and charts allow for instant moisture, test weight, and temperature readings.

  • Accuracy of ± 0.1
  • Portable with rechargeable batteries
  • Built in thermal printer and color touch screen
  • All CGC or USDA chart updates and calibrations will be available from the comfort of your home via wifi
  • Measure hot grain, cold grain and frozen grain ( -30°C/-22°F to 60°C/160°F)
  • Share and save up to 500 results on your phone
  • Built in USB drive allows for storage of results on a USB stick
  • Capability to save location of testing
  • Comes with a carrying case and a 200-gram weight for scale calibration
  • Manufactured in Canada



Dimensions: (Length x Height x Depth) 7.5 in x 15.5 in x 10.5 in
Weight: 2.4 kg
Load Capacity: 4 kg
Batteries: 3 x 18650 Lithium Ion
Battery Operation: 4 hours of continuous use
Charger: 5V 3A
Measurement Principle: Capacitance
Sampling: Volume based
Sample Volume: 23 in 3
User Interface: Capacitive Touchscreen
Operational Conditions: 5℃ to 35℃ or 40℉ to 90℉
Storage: Room temperature
Mobile Application: IOS and Android

Grain List:

The MA-405 is suitable for all grains published by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) and the
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Canadian Grains

Heavy Hard Red Spring Wheat
Barley Heavy Weight
Green and Yellow Peas
Corn Low Moisture
Sunflower Seeds
Faba Beans
Western/Eastern Amber Durum Wheat
Brown Mustard
Oriental Mustard
Yellow Mustard
Light Hard Red Spring Wheat
Azuki Beans
Black Beans
Cranberry Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Great Northern Beans
Hulless Barley
Lightweight Oats
Oats Hulless
Otebo Beans
Pea Beans
Pinto Beans
Small Red Beans
Split Peas Green and Yellow
Safflower Seeds
Eastern Red Wheat Canada
Eastern Red Spring Wheat Canada
Eastern Soft Red Winter Wheat Canada
Eastern White Winter Wheat Canada
Northern Hard Red Wheat Canada
Canada Prairie Spring Red/White Wheat
Western Hard White Spring Wheat
Eastern Hard Red Winter Wheat
Soft White Spring Wheat
Western Winter Wheat
Barley Lightweight
Canary Seeds
Corn High Moisture
Extra Strong Red Spring Wheat
White Kidney Beans

US Grains

Corn High Moisture
Corn High Moisture Above 29%
Soybeans Low Moisture
Soybeans High Moisture Above 22%
Wheat Hard Red Spring
Hard Red Winter Wheat
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Wheat Soft White
Hard White Wheat
Wheat Durum
Alfalfa Meal
Barley Six-Rowed
Barley Two-Rowed
Rolled Barley
Black Beans
Flat Small White Beans
Cranberry Lima Beans
Great Northern Beans
Pea Navy Beans
Pinto Beans
Small Red Beans
Black Eye Beans
Baby Lima Beans
Large Lima Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Pink Beans
Light Red Kidney Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Small White Beans
Marrow Beans
Yellow Eye Beans
Yellow Eye Beans High Moisture
Mung Beans
Kidney Beans high Moisture
Coffee Green Beans
Parchment Coffee
Broken Corn Foreign Material
Corn Cob Ground
Corn Meal
Rolled Flake Corn
Corn Cob Ground ⅛ Grind
Yellow Popcorn
White Popcorn
Western Flaxseed
Mustard Yellow Seed
Crushed Rolled Oats
Puget Sound Oats
Brown Rice Long Grain
Brown Rice Long Grain Parboiled
Brown Rice Medium Grain
Brown Rice Short Grain
Long Grain Milled Rice
Medium Grain Milled Rice
Short Grain Milled Rice
Long Grain Milled Rice Parboiled
Medium Grain Milled Rice Parboiled
Medium Grain Milled Rice Coated
Brewers and Screenings Milled Rice
Short Grain Second Head Milled Rice
Brewers Milled Rice Parboiled
Second Head Milled Rice Parboiled
Long Grain Rough Rice
Medium Grain Rough Rice
Medium Grain Rough Rice High Moisture
Short Grain Rough Rice
Medium Grain Rough Rice Low Moisture
Long Grain Rough Rice High Moisture
Long Grain Rough Rice Parboiled
Calrose Rough Rice High Moisture
Safflower Seed Low Moisture
Grain Sorghum Milo
Grain Sorghum High Moisture
Soybeans Flakes
Soybeans Meal
Soybeans Meal Low Protein
Sunflower Seed High Moisture
Confectionary Sunflower
Sunflower Seed Low Moisture
Red Durum Wheat
Virginia Peanuts
Peanuts Meal
Green and Yellow Peas
Split Peas Green and Yellow
Faba Beans


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